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Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain and Australia.

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Mediatec Group International Site

Mediatec Group

Mediatec is one of Europe’s largest corporations delivering integrated technical solutions for event and television productions. Our mission is to supply the right technology and to make sure that it works.

Mediatec provides technical solutions for the media, event and sports industries and for corporate events across all industries. To meet the different needs of our clients, we work in four interrelated areas: Broadcast, Display, Event and Installation.

Every event is unique be it sports, entertainment or corporate. No matter size, industry or type, Mediatec has the resources necessary to make any event successful. Our experience and size coupled with innovative integration of broadcast, display and other technologies, gives us the tools to deliver the difference.

Latest News

26 mar

NEP to Acquire Mediatec Group

Uniting Two Leading Service Providers in the Broadcast and Live Events Industries

12 mar

Glamour mania on tour

Now the Melodifestivalen tour are up and running, the annually recurring show…

05 mar


Have you seen our new product, tecViz LED-net 55

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