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The stage design of ESC is official

Finally we can show you how the stage design will look at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Mediatec has been technology partner to several Eurovision Song Contests, and are proud to deliver this high-end solution with groundbreaking amount of displays. We have finally come to a point where traditional display solutions meet the creative.
In co-operation with Barco and D3 Mediatec provides no more then:
Enormous 1170m2 Kindwin Spider 30, the backdrop will be about 100 meters wide and 13 meters high.
For the first time in history an interactive LED floor is used in this large type of live show. Mediatec supplies 169m2 of the tecViz BS10 Interactive floor
Projectors, in co-operation with Barco:
16pcs Barco HDQ2k40, the largest projector at market.
16pcs Barco HDX-W Flex
8pcs Barco SLM-R12 Performer
Media servers:
In co-operation with D3 Mediatec deliver 9pcs 4u Media servers
The media servers provide all LED and projection with content.
To this Mediatec supplies the infrastructure:
A complete set of tecViz Fibre optic signal distribution to all LED screens and projectors, including fully redundant fibre network for media servers.
Total of up to 30 persons will be involved during 62days of build, show and dismantle. Mediatec is also supplying all operators and system engineers for media servers.
The final will be broadcasted from the B&W Hallerne at the Refshaleøen the 10th of May. Mediatec has been contracted as Official Technical Event Supplier.

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The stage design of ESC is official