Island of Light

Island of Light

Island of Light is an International Light Art Festival on the beautiful Island of Smögen, on the Swedish west woast. It’s a genuine old fishermen village known for its unique granite rock formations and its pier and narrow roads, and together with the sea and open skies it suddenly transforms into a magnificent backdrop for the light art. During four evenings in September, several nationally and internationally renowned light artists lit up the area, creating a magical atmosphere to enjoy from both land and sea. Together with West Sweden Tourist Board, Mediatec is the main sponsor to the event, providing equipment such as digital video projectors, media players, conventional light, and speakers. “Mediatec is proud to be part of this cultural development and to help expand natural tourism in the region”, says Niclas Ljung, CTO at Mediatec.

Video: Niklas Nibbe Hedenbeck | Mediatec

Mediatec contact: Niclas Ljung, +46 73 620 85 24,

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