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More About Women
Aller Live

In January, Mediatec Denmark carried out the first event, of many to come, for Aller Live. “More about Women” was held in the beautiful Aller Media headquarters in Copenhagen, where Mediatec Denmark proudly supplied a full-service package, with a 2.9 mm high res LED screen, brand new L-Acoustics KIVA II system, lights, project management and show controls. Aller Media is amongst the most innovative and modern media companies in Denmark, with a rich history and roots dating all the way back to 1873 where Carl and Laura Aller founded the company. A year later, in 1874, Aller published the first issue of “Nordisk Mønster-Tidende” (now “Femina”). This event was the first step towards a strong Scandinavian partnership between Aller Live and Mediatec.

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