Operakällaren Foundation – for the benefit of WaterAid

Operakällaren Foundation – for the benefit of WaterAid



September 2, 2019

Operakällaren Foundation has worked for 13 years raising money and awareness for organizations such as UNICEF and WaterAid, and to this date more than 40 million SEK has been contributed to humanitarian work all over the world. In September Operakällaren Foundation, in collaboration with Mediatec/Twentyfourseven and other sponsors, organized a charity event for the benefit of WaterAid.

- Water is the foundation of all life. It gives life, but can also take lives. It gives peace, but can also create war. That’s why we think this work is so important,  says Abbe Ibrahim, CEO at Operakällaren and founder of Operakällaren Foundation.

Lisa Fyrhammar has worked at Water Aid for five years and during her time in the organisation she has witnessed large positive changes resulting from the organisation’s work.

- Of all the crises that we see in the world today, I believe that the water issue can actually be solved, she says.

Water Aid is an international organisation dedicated to change millions of lives every year, working in 28 countries to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

WaterAid works in 28 countries to provide clean water to all

- Many people in Sweden have a hard time imagining a life without clean water from the tap. However, the reality in many countries are women and children spending up to 10 hours a day of walking to carry water – water that isn’t even clean or safe. Today, the number of people lacking clean water is a whopping 785 million! says Lisa Fyrhammar and continues:

- WaterAid believes that everyone everywhere can have access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene by year 2030. We work globally, influencing governments, finding solutions to complex problems and working partnership with local organisations. WaterAid knows that good children and maternal care, women's empowerment, school education, nutrition are dependent on clean water, sanitation and good hygiene.

Golf Competition at Fågelbro Golf Club


The charity event which took place Monday 2nd September started with a breakfast seminar followed by a golf competition at Fågelbro Golf Club in Stockholm. In the evening the guests were invited to dinner and auction, enabling them to further contribute to WaterAid’s work.

Danny Saucedo, who performed at the dinner, shared his own experiences of visiting WaterAid’s project areas in Ethiopia, and said:

Danny Saucedo shares his experiences of visiting Ethiopia.

- Life over there is difficult and the lack of clean water composes a large threat. If I, with the help of my platforms, can help WaterAid’s work, I’m more than happy.

One of the sponsors, Türkish Airlines, gave away flight tickets to the auction, thereby raising 140 000 SEK. The company has also sponsored the field study trips for six years as well as other travel arrangements surrounding charity event.

- The field study trips help people involved understand how the money is used on-site, which inspires to continued contribution, says Tolga Duran, Marketing Manager at Türkish Airlines.

Abbe Ibrahim together with Peter Lundgren

Mediatec/Twentyfourseven has participated in the event for many years.

- Our business of technology might seem cold, but as a company we have a warm heart and love that we want to share with others. We’re happy to contribute to the work of bringing clean water to all, says Peter Lundgren, founder of Twentyfourseven and Business Unit Manager at Mediatec Stockholm.

The event raised 4,6 million SEK which will go to WaterAid’s work in Ethiopia.

- The people there were exceedingly happy when we told them the result!  This is a dream come true for them, says Lisa Fyrhammar, and sends a warm thank you to all the contributors at this year’s Operakällaren Foundation event.

Lisa Fyrhammar, Project Manager at WaterAid

If you want to learn more about WaterAid’s work please visit wateraid.org for more information.

Text and photos: Sofia Drevemo

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