Rigging and planning is the basis of a succesful tech setup. When utilizing our rigging services, obstacles will be detected in the early phases, saving both time and money compared to detecting the challenges later on in the project. Backstage- and rigging planning is an important safety element for any successful event. 

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rigging equipment

Mediatec owns a large amount of rigging equipment in the form of steel, soft steel, shackle, STAC chains, master links etc. We are completely self-sufficient with rigging
equipment for both small and large productions.

We use Kinesys DigiHoist Control System and loadcells, and meet best practice with top of the line equipment on our clients' events. Because of our large rigging equipment inventory we can quickly adjust to the project's needs. 

professional riggers

Our talented team has many years of rigging experience from music festivals, concerts, tv-show productions and other events, and have obtained several certifications, one of which is  Plasa National Rigging Certificate Level 3.

Our team members are highly skilled in creating drawings such as rigging plots, overlay‘s and seating plans, and are experts in programs such as AutoCAD, Vectorworks, Braceworks and WYSIWYG.