Turnkey solutions

Turnkey Solutions

The rapid development within audio-visual technology makes it even more difficult today to decide which solution to choose. Let Mediatec provide the technical advice you need to choose the most suitable option, and thereby receive the results you expect.

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Project Management

We understand how timing is everything. From the planning phase to the actual event, our talented project managers ensure everything is in place at the right moment. We provide customized solutions according to your budget.

event design

The event business is much about design and creativity. An attractive technical setup can make the difference in a successful and appreciated event. The customer's visions and goals are our groundwork when helping creating the concept design, and by merging our tech- and design knowledge with the customer's dreams, we come up with the most attractive and cost-efficient solutions. We understand the importance of a high quality visual impact and can offer both graphic content production as well as the complete setup design.

3D VisualiZation

"A picture is worth a thousand words". During the various stages of the project process our 3D artists can help visualize the concept vision by creating easy-to-modify 3D renders. This makes decisions easier and can inspire new creative ideas.

Event documentation

Let Mediatec capture your next event. We know when the exact moment takes place during your event; the handshake, the reveal, the excitement. With Mediatec's video production, you can enjoy every moment over and over again, and share it with others.