Media servers

Media servers

Mediatec offers a wide range of media server products. Media servers have quickly become the industry leading tool to create, visualize and control the most amazing and complexed projects in the world. Enabling one product to control and synchronize audio, lighting, special effects, multi-display management, powerful video playback and 3D map objects/building for any live event, touring concert, fixed installation or broadcast production.

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dataton Watchout

Mediatec has vast knowledge and experience within Dataton multi-display software. Our powerful Watchout servers enable multi-display management of high-resolution displays, many times stretching beyond 4K or even 8K. Watchout is easily integrated to control or be controlled by external systems or protocols such as DMX, UDP or Midi devices, making this a very suitable solution for live events or fixed installations.


Our Disguise PRO range servers are the most powerful media servers in the industry and are acting as the show master control for some of Europe’s largest touring concerts, live events and broadcast productions. Our Disguise servers offer 3D mapped projections, LED screen pixel, accurate mapping, and pre-show visualization. The Disguise integrated pre-visualization tool allows us to pre-visualize the end result, making sure every aspect of our client’s vision becomes reality.


Mediatec can offer the full range of Hippotizer Media Servers from Green Hippo. Everything from a small one-output system to a big six-output machine. All available with 4K outputs. Full Notch support is available for Notch driven projects. The Hippotizer range is well suited for both smaller shows, big events and long running tours. Easy live control is available for occasions when lots of changes may occur. Full integration with the lighting desk with a big effects bank, as well as Timeline features and advanced video mapping is of course included.